FETAC RPL 2012 Dates

OPS are pleased to announce the commencement of our FETAC RPL Process for existing people handling instructors.

Sept/Oct People Handling Instructor Course

People Handling Instructor Course: September 7,8,9,21,22,23, October 6,7 with the course assessment on October 14.

September People Handling Update Course and FETAC RPL Skills Assessment

OPS are offering a 2 day People Handling Update Course on September…

Recent Guidance from the HSA on safe use of Patient Hoists and Slings

Patient hoists and slings are used in many healthcare establishments…

The Guide to the Handling of People 6th edition

The mission of this new 6th edition is to set out a person-centred systems approach, which balances the twin aims of (patient/person) safety, dignity and enablement with the prevention and management of work relevant MSDs in health and social care workers.

New FETAC Standards for Manual/People Instructor Training

New FETAC Standards for Instructor Training in the areas of Manual Handling Instruction and People Handling Instruction.