Working from home

Ergonomic guidance on Working from Home (WFH)

OPS have developed ergonomic guidance on Working from Home (WFH) to assist employees to work remotely during the current Covid -19 crisis. This information will assist people to set up their home DSE workstation and to work comfortably.

OPS can provide remote or virtual workstation evaluations for employers and organisations and to assist their employees to work comfortably in the home environment.

What to expect from a virtual workstation evaluation?

  • Our experienced team will schedule a web-enabled evaluation at a time that suits your employee(s) during normal working hours.
  • We will use a video conferencing platform that is consistent with your organisation (Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Bluejeans, Teams)
  • We will use the laptop camera to evaluate the workstation and advise on optimal set-up for the home workstation
  • We will ask the employee questions regarding their workspace set-up and any relevant medical history
  • Throughout the process, we will provide relevant recommendations and next steps.
  • Following the virtual evaluation, we will provide a report detailing the recommendations made.

Working from Home (WFH) resources: