People Handling

CPOHE Guidance on the Provision of Practical Patient/People Handling Training during the COVID 19 pandemic

The Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics (CPOHE) have issued guidance to their members on the provision of patient handling training during the Covid19 crisis.

The CPOHE committee’s opinion is that practical people handling should not continue during the Covid 19 crisis, as it is impossible to conduct this training without being in close contact with other members of staff, increasing the risk of contact and droplet infection. It is recommending that all other learning resources should first be considered.

The Health Management Institute (HMI) together with The Learning Rooms have made their online learning resource on practical patient handling available free of charge during the Covid19 crisis. This resource was developed several years ago with the assistance of the CPOHE committee led by Lelia Jennings and was intended to be part of a blended learning programme which can be used with the Theory module of the course which is available on HSELand, and other learning resources.  

Information on this resource can be found on the Learning Rooms blog

The link to the video is