Scottish Manual Handling Passport Scheme

Scottish Manual Handling PassportThe Scottish Manual Handling Passport Scheme (SMHPS) was launched in 2014. It replaces the 2011 edition and it’s guidance  is based on the National Back Exchange (NBE) Standards in Manual Handling 2010 which in turn are derived from various authoritative sources e.g. HSE (UK), RCN, CSP, COT etc.

The  SMHPS foundation training programme consists of 6 core modules, Theory, Manual Handling of Inanimate Loads, Chair Manoeuvres, Bed Manoeuvres, Hoisting and Lateral Transfers. Learning outcomes are identified for each module which should be achieved at the end of the training. Competency assessments are used to determine if the learning outcomes have been reached and criteria are set out for these assessments. The SMHPS also contains generic load and people handling assessment forms and an individual person handling assessment.

This document will be of  interest to those personnel involved in the organisation and provision of manual and people handling training particularly in the healthcare services.